Jordan Saint-Louis 📸: @jsl23__

Hey guys. Name is Jordan, I am from Potomac, MD in MoCo. As bougie as that may sound, my parents are immigrants from Haiti, so that culture has always been big in my life. I am proud to consider myself Haitian-American. I am someone who is passionate about traveling, experiencing new cultures and naturally, clothes. I am an avid shoe buyer (to wear, not keep in their box) and that extends to clothes. I wouldn't say that I am, ever have, or ever will be someone who breaks barriers in fashion with how I dress (see my poorly distressed shirt in the photo) but, I am definitely someone who has a sense of style. VOICI was created in part, for me to find out for myself, what I could create. It is also because, I often looked into my own closet and saw clothing that was very similar to each other. There was nothing that spoke to me as a person and my own story. That's what VOICI will always set out to do. Tell your story. Connect to your story. And connect your story to others. I want you to feel represented and connected to us. I want you to be apart of our community. I want this community to create change. And always remember that "we are the ones we've been waiting for".

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