Naya Hutchinson 📸: @naya_alexis

My name is Naya, I am a dance major at Fordham University in the Ailey/Fordham BFA Program going into my senior year. I am also double majoring in African American studies! Although I now spend most of my time in New York I am proudly born and raised in PG county, MD! The DMV is so special to me because it has basically shaped all of my life experiences. I have met some of my best friends here, I took my first dance class here, and I raised here in the prestigious gorgeous Prince George’s county! I am so proud to be from the richest black county in the U.S.! Growing up here was truly a privilege! Seeing people that looked like me succeeding and constantly striving is something that has shaped my mindset about success as a black woman, and I will forever be proud and grateful about where I’m from😊. VOICI is a brand that I think is so innovative! I think it’s about time that the DMV has its own clothing brand and I’m glad that VOICI is that brand! Super excited to be apart of this project! 

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