• Community

    VOICI is a community.
  • The DMV Chapter

    DMV culture is nothing without its people, and that is why they are central to the DMV chapter of VOICI. The music in videos, the models, the artists, and everyone involved in creating this collection are people who in one way or another call the DMV their home and have experienced key parts of its culture. That's a trend that will continue with collections in any future city, culture or movement whose story we choose to tell. Everyone’s story matters.
  • An Intro to VOICI

    I understand that this might be a lot to read about, let alone be doing as a new brand, but this is to show you what Voici is, and that it is different. Sure, the hoodies are high quality and shirts won’t shrink in the wash (TUMBLE DRY LOW) but this brand was created to be more and I am excited to take you on the trip with us, especially, seeing as though you are here at the beginning. I hope you enjoy the first collection or chapter and make sure to check out the people who helped make it happen on the Authors page and of course, buy some shit.