The DMV Chapter

I don’t know about you all, but I don’t write those 10 page research papers, with in text citations and a prompt like, “Why did the author choose to make the blinds blue? What does it represent?”, and if given the opportunity, I still wouldn't write a twenty-page paper about the DMV, but I very easily could. I could talk about every little thing that happens here, but that isn’t exactly the point of these posts. We want to give insight into VOICI, and specifically into this first chapter where we let our home, the DMV, inspire us. 

If you aren’t from here your first thought would probably be to think that the DMV is where you go to to wait in outrageously long lines to get your driver's license. The next guess would probably be that the DMV is nothing more than a grouping of three states (D.C., Maryland and Virginia) with staples like the National Mall, the White House, the Smithsonian, and the Pentagon. All that stuff is ok but, the DMV is so much more than that. It is a culture. DMV culture is unique because it touches parts of Maryland (MoCo and PG), Virginia (NoVa) and all of DC. It is in its own world. Depending who you ask, DMV culture can encompass a lot of different things, and maybe that is why I have never seen clothing that is made about the DMV. There are so many stories to capture and doing so in a relatively small clothing collection is a difficult task. But here's the thing, VOICI isn't here to do that. Okay well, we are, but we are doing so by bridging the gap between people and with clothes that tell a story of experiences. It is here to unite the people of the DMV who have shared a reality similar to mine. People who know about Go-Go music, old bay, mumbo sauce, Ben’s Chili Bowls, the U Street Music Hall, saying “ohhhh” during the National Anthem, concerts at Jiffy Lube and of course, “Disneyworld” on 495, and so much more. That is part of who we are and these “themes” are what the collection tries to represent. Naturally, this will give representation to parts of peoples stories.


DMV culture is nothing without its people, and that is why they are central to the DMV chapter of VOICI. The music in videos, the models, the artists, and everyone involved in creating this collection are people who in one way or another call the DMV their home and have experienced key parts of its culture. That's a trend that will continue with collections in any future city, culture or movement whose story we choose to tell. Everyone’s story matters.

Written by: The Founder and Creative Director of VOICI