To follow up on the recent post on our story regarding a racist man at Churchill HS in Potomac, MD in MoCo, in the DMV.

If you can’t say Black Lives Matter, unfollow us.

If you don't support the LGBTQIA movement, unfollow us.

If you are anti-Semitic, unfollow us.

If you don’t believe voter suppression is real, unfollow us.

If you aren’t against what ICE is doing to immigrants in this country, unfollow us.

If you aren’t supporting Women in their fight for equality in so many aspects of their life as well as the fight against sexual assault, rape etc, unfollow us.

If you can’t see that this country and so many other countries in the world were built of the backs of slaves and the less fortunate, unfollow us.

If you believe the movements in this country aren’t merited, unfollow us.

If you think anything mentioned above is political, unfollow us.

There is so much more that we missed but you should get the picture. VOICI is a community. Wearing our clothing means you are apart of our community. A community that is accepting  of others and believes that we all deserve to be treated equally. If you can’t get behind that it’s cool. We don’t need you. 

VOICI is a way of saying “this is” or “here is” in French. It’s a way of presenting something and in this case we are presenting your stories. When you buy from VOICI you join the community. You get access to us and our network. You get access to events, and people you otherwise wouldn’t. You get opportunity to share your stories on our platform. So follow us, buy from us, comment on photos, even DM us. We will respond to you, we listen to you and we want to hear from you. If you are a photographer or videographer DM us, we want to work with you. If you are an artist, contact us we’d love to to use your music and put in our playlist. If you are a producer we want to connect you to other artists. If you are model, model our clothing. If you just want to tell you story, tell it, and we want to hear. This is the DMV’s brand. We do not discriminate, we do not care who you are or where you come from. VOICI is made by you just as much as it is made by us.