An Intro to VOICI

Let me start this “blog” of sorts by saying welcome. Hopefully, you read a bit about the brand before reading this, so I won’t (or will try) not to repeat myself in this piece. VOICI was created to show something different. To tell stories that are untold and allow us all to be represented, whether through our individuality or similarities. To become something more than a brand but lifestyle or, dare I say, a movement. That is the purpose of this blog, to give the insight into what is happening, and what this brand is doing to have an impact greater than clothing.


To start with, I encourage you to browse around our website and make note of the different pages available. Artwork, Discussion Groups, all of it. These were made to show the truth behind the statement of VOICI becoming more than a brand. Doing more than engaging in sustainable fashion or offering unique clothing. Rather, engage with communities of every city, region or movement that we represent in each collection via promoting artist’s work on the website, aiding the local communities with volunteering and even engaging with you. The discussion groups are a way for us to interact with you and other members of the community. Whether it be questions about our clothing, or discussions on if the earth is flat (it isn’t folks), you can do it here. VOICI is a community that's connected and built through the clothing created. Whenever you buy or pull on one of the tees, you become a fixture of the community for good. 


So again, welcome. I understand that this might be a lot to read about, let alone be doing as a new brand, but this is to show you what VOICI is, and that it is different. Sure, the hoodies are high quality and shirts won’t shrink in the wash (TUMBLE DRY LOW) but this brand was created to be more and I am excited to take you on the trip with us, especially, seeing as though you are here at the beginning. I hope you enjoy the first collection or chapter and make sure to check out the people who helped make it happen on the authors page and of course, buy some shit. Be on the lookout for future post, not including the one that should be above this one, but until then… bye.


Written by: The Founder and Creative Director of VOICI Clothing (or just VOICI)