Our Story

VOICI (Vwa-see)

Clothes are worn to express ourselves, both as individuals and as a whole. They are meant to give insight into who we are and therefore, to tell our stories.

Being a part of the current generation of youth, we realize the role we, the youth, have, and the power we hold to enact change. VOICI, believes that change is made after we connect with one another and specifically, when we recognize the similarities we each carry as individuals, while still appreciating the differences that make us who we are. We create clothing and content that is personalized to the DMV community and the stories that people from here have to tell. We want to use our clothing as a way to weave the stories that we all write as individuals, to create a connection between us all. We believe that no matter who you are or where you are from in the DMV, every person, place or movement has a story to be told. Our clothing will never be re-created anywhere else, just like us. Just like our stories. Our brand is built to be a platform for the entire DMV community and part of that is using funds from the clothing to be donated back to the community. By supporting VOICI, you are supporting the community.

Voici our cultures, experiences, and movements, in a form that won't be ignored.

Voici our stories, that come from the past, shape our present, and change the world's future.
Voici a brand, made for you, by you, and about you.

Voici, "we are the ones that we've been waiting for"